Patient Reviews

"Dr. Accardi impressed me as a very professional and caring doctor. He clearly explained issues which were more complex than I had anticipated and was confident in his approach toward assisting. I feel confident that he is treating my 91 year old father with the best of care. Thank You!"

"Dr. Accardi was great - informative, nice, genuine."

"I enjoy the visit. Medical Assistance were very kind and service was quick. PERFECT!"

"Dr. Accardi and his staff were very pleasant and professional to deal with. If choosing an eye dr., this is the place to go to."

"Fast, efficient and very professional. Very nice."

"The doctor was great and had a wonderful sense of humor. The office was a little chaotic--a glasses/lens place shares the front of the office, and there were many phone calls and tasks all coming into the woman at the front desk--who handled all like a pro--but the pace was a bit more than I'm used to hearing for a doctor's office reception area. All personnel were very professional, efficient, knowledgeable, and had pleasant personalities. NOTE: The ZocDoc appointment alert was not received by the office prior to my arrival. The office handled it professionally and were accommodating."

"This place seemed really efficient. When I had to wait 10 minutes for my pupils to dilate, they took in other patients, but I never waited more than 5 minutes in each room before being seen. A routine exam requires 4 different steps, but the office was very well organized."

"It was great and I would like to continue my future checkups with him." - Swetha L.

"Doctor Accardi was extremely professional and very good at diagnosis. He is also very upfront and honest! I would highly recommend him."

"Dr. Accardi was really friendly and nice. He put me at ease right away and distracted me from the harsh lights and eye drops that had to go into my eyes during the check up by keeping an interesting conversation. Because my prescription had barely changed, he didn't try to sell me on contacts or new glasses which I liked. At the end of our appointment, he even gave me a recommendation for a primary care physician because I told him I was looking for one. I would definitely recommend him as it is hard to find a well qualified, amiable doctor in New York City." - Divya B.

"Funny guy, started with the jokes right away. Maybe because I'm a young patient but so he made me feel comfortable. Very honest about my concerns and I will be going back to him for my follow up."

"Dr. Accardi has been helping me out for years now. He goes out of his way to make sure I'm taken care of. Highly recommend!" - Vanessa R.

"Dr. Frank Accardi is a very competent, experience, dedicated doctor. He save the site of my eyes many years ago when I had a very acute infection. He is so kind, witty, compassionate. My husband also is a patient of Dr. Accardi. The surgery he performed on my husband was remarkable. He is the best and I recommend him highly." - Miamaher L.

"Dr. Accardi was VERY nice and easy going, but at the same time was VERY professional. I liked him very much." - Robert F.

"Nice, friendly doctor."

"He was prompt, very pleasant and professional. The examination was thorough and answered all questions." - Robert F.

"Went well. will continue to use him."

"Dr. Accardi is an expert. He's expert in ophthalmology. He's expert in medical care. He listens. He heard and addressed the issues I had. Cataracts have been removed just as he described the process. He did the work. I had to show up, go through the admitting process, and in a few days was fully recovered and seeing better. My concern has been macular degeneration. Both my father and then my mother developed it. Dr. Accardi checks for it immediately on every visit without being asked or reminded. He's thorough. He's low key and sure handed.
I've recommend him enthusiastically." - Richard F.

"He is professional, friendly, and really funny. Great bed side manner."

"Very personable, made the appointment fly by with ease. Would recommend."

"I have been Dr Accardi's patient for many years - he continues to be the ultimate professional - his manner, skill and efficiency inspire feelings of confidence and assurance that your eyes in the best hands." - Bertie M.

"The exam was very thorough." - Linda S.

"Dr. Accardi is first and foremost a gentleman and very thorough doctor. He is very skilled and takes the time to understand his patients issues and gets to know them personally. He is a very friendly and kind man, and it has been a pleasure to be a patient of his. I have recommended him in the past and would continue recommend him to anyone. Great doc!" - John F.

"Very personable and kind. Easy to talk to." - Angela F.

"Close to home, Great Staff, Great Exp."

"The staff is fantastic and Dr. Accardi made me feel at ease. Cracked jokes with me and explained everything he was going to do before he did it. Fantastic DR, highly recommended." - Carolina M.

"Very friendly and made me feel really comfortable."

"He was great - explained everything. Will go back and recommend." - David K.

"Even though my husband and I have moved to Italy for years and we no longer carry insurance in the U.S., we still come home every year to see Dr. Accardi. He is so kind and very knowledgeable, it's worth the trip!"  "I am so glad I chose to come to this office when I needed to find a good doctor for what I fear was an infection in my right eye - staff was helpful and Dr. Accardi is just the best, great sense of humor on top!" "Dr Accardi is not merely a highly competent physician, but he brings to mind the doctors of my youth in his patience and caring. I have referred both family members and colleagues to him, as has my wife, and everyone has been extremely pleased. He is calm, reassuring and efficient in emergencies, cheerful and good-natured during routine visits. I can't recommend him highly enough."

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